SCYF Scholastics is excited to announce how well our cheer and football players performed this year academically:

Southeastern Region All American Team 
Phillip Clancy - PW FB
Colby Walter - JPW FB
Banquet is April 9th

National All American 1st Team Scholars
Allison Clary - PW Cheer (jr coach)
Geddy Johnson - Cheer (jr coach)
Patrick Forsyth - PW FB
Banquet & Scholarship winners announced weekend of May 27th

National All American 2nd Team Scholars
Ainsley Grove - JM Cheer
Riley McGinley - JM Cheer
Kailyn O'Mara - JM Cheer
Caitlyn Resptepo - JM Cheer
Victoria Resptepo - JM Cheer
Faith Comiskey - PW Cheer
Brook Grindle - PW Cheer
Laylah Lara - PW Cheer
Benjamin (Reed) Butler - JM FB
Caleb Endicott - JM FB
Griffin Patton - JM FB
Phillip Clancy - PW FB
Dylan Montoya - PW FB
Jayden Camacho - JPW FB
Noah Carr - JPW FB
Mason Green - JPW FB
Alexander Sanchez - JPW FB
Colby Walter - JPW FB

National All American 3rd Team Scholars
Abygale Cochrane - JM Cheer
Riley Holoubek - PW Cheer
Carter Graffius - JPW FB
Daniel Cabrera - Unlimited FB
Jonathan Drape - Unlimited FB

SCYF is pleased to annouce the following scholarship winners awarded by the 
Mid Florida Conference
Benjamin (Reed) Butler - JM FB - $500
Christopher Callahan Jr - JM FB - $500
Kayle Smith - JM Cheer - $750

The following have made the MFPW First Team scholars: 
JM CHEER - Abygale Cochrane, Ainsley Gloye, Riley McGinley, Kailyn O'Mara,  
Victoria Restrepo, Kayle Smith
PW CHEER - Faith Comiskey, Brook Grindle, Riley Holoubek, Laylah Lara
JM FOOTBALL - Reed Butler, Christopher Callahan
PW FOOTBALL - Phillip Clancy, Patrick Forsyth, 
JPW FOOTBALL - Noah Carr, Colby Walter